Bridge House Tenants Seek Legal Representation to Prevent Eviction

Bridge House Tenants Seek Legal Representation to Prevent Eviction

September 16, 2023

Two long-term tenants in Bridge House, Cavans Lane, are seeking legal representation after their landlord attempts to evict them. They require more time to relocate due to the large amount of stock they have.

Two tenants who are still operating in Bridge House, Cavans Lane, The City, have sought legal representation against attempts by the landlord to evict them.

Dauh Bhana, who has been operating Carpet Man store for 22 years, and a spokesperson for the other tenant who has been there for 20 years said they were appealing to the landlord to give them more time to vacate the warehouse spaces they have been utilising.

Bhana and the other tenant, who are both involved in the retail business, said they had so much stock that it had become difficult for them to find other warehouses to store them.

“I have been here since 1996. I got a notice to leave but I told their attorney that we need more time. I asked them to give me until December and they said ‘no’. I can’t move right now. I have nowhere to put my stock,” Bhana told the Saturday Sun as he stared helplessly around the store which had items piled up on the floor and on shelves, as customers were still streaming into the business.

He said he actually rented four warehouses in the area but had been able to reduce his stock to only one space.

“I asked for time. I asked them to give me more time,” he said, adding he had staff as well as his customers to look after.

A spokesperson for they also pleaded for informed that the electricity disconnected on Friday.

“We were here for expect us to move in need more time,” he the three months started they only received the warehouses where in August.

“We only receive the people who asked us we said, ‘Give us more October’, and they have more time. We have it was not easy finding “We have to package because at the end to the public so we around. We have to transport them somewhere the customers clean.”

The spokesperson since spoken to their broke down.

“It is not that we are playing ignorant. feet of stock. We have after. for the other tenant said for more time but were electricity would be Friday. for 20 years and they in three months. We just he said, pointing out that started from March but the keys to the three the items were stored the keys from the same us to move in August so more three months until have not agreed to give us have a lot of merchandise and finding a place to store them. package these things properly of the day, we are selling just can’t throw things to pack them neatly and somewhere to give it to clean.” spokesperson said they had their attorney after talks don’t want to move or we ignorant. This is 6 000 square have people employed; we create jobs. There were not enough warehouses that could hold all of this stuff and when we did find one, the owners said the building was being prepared.

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